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We have gone from what looked like a great design and would fit our requirements to having lived in the end-result for nearly 12 months. And the result has been nothing short of wonderful.

But first, some background. 15 years ago, we used Tania to design what turned out to be a house that worked brilliantly with our season of life and priorities. We chose Tania again to design our new home, one for our next season in life, and one that takes advantage of the views of beautiful Raby Bay.

The design was dramatically different in size and layout from last time. Why? Because Tania listened and thought through the different season of life, our family, work, and social priorities, the unique aspects of the block we were building on and the very real constraints we gave her around overall budget. This was a challenging block to work with, but Tania came up with a design we were hoping would fit in with what we were trying to achieve.

She then helped us with a shortlist of quality builders, and provided a full paint colour scheme, along with helpful advice on the type of furniture which would enhance the house given its aspect and style, rather than detract from it. As usual with building there were a few unexpected and unwanted matters come up that often need dealing with urgently. Tania was very helpful for us at these times.

Not only has living here ticked all the boxes, it has done a number of other things we were not expecting such as:

  • Quite literally changing how you feel when walking in the door. You feel more relaxed. You can even see the body language of guests change when they come here.
  • Something that has further surprised us is how much more in tune with nature we feel.
  • Provided such an extremely open and spacious feel, despite the fact it is not a huge house. The house "breathes" so well.
  • Has a quite different, yet complementary feel to the house when utilising the upstairs areas compared with downstairs.
  • Given many passers-by quite a bit to check out and be obviously interested in relation to various aspects of the house and landscape design. We still have people on foot and in cars stop and spend time taking the place in.
Thanks again Tania.

A + C Zerk, New Residence at Ormiston, July 2019

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Amazing service, great advice and wonderful person. Couldn't be happier with the results and overall process working with Tania. Having an architect that truly understand the construction process has been a huge advantage and has helped to achieve a wonderful result for the customers and the builders.

Rowan Anderson, December 2018

I have just spent my first week living in my new home. The flow and feel of the house is exactly what I wanted and imagined, and the stunning mountain view I have from my property has been done justice.

During the 2 years I worked with Tania Coward to achieve this fantastic outcome, we had to face several challenges due to changes in my personal life. But Tania's professional and kind nature saw us through these challenges and made the journey positive and fun.

I recommend Tania Coward as an Architect/Designer to anyone who is looking for high quality work!

Isabel Hanegraaf, Mapleton house, March 2018

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We were building a luxury family retreat on our rural property 3 hours drive from Brisbane. It took many false starts with the concept before we settled on what we decided we needed. The process was handled competently by Ms Coward.

Her own experience of rural living helped us reach our desired outcome. Not only was the design what we needed Ms coward also handled the many issues that arose with the builder in a helpful, co-operative way. Over the length of the project we felt we had not only built a fabulous house to allow several generations of our family to enjoy the property we had also gained a friend.

Ms Coward, also an interior designer, chose the colors and basic fabrics for the furniture we bought to complete the look we wanted. The result is very easy on the eye and comfortable to live in. I would have no hesitation in recommending ms Coward to anyone needing an Architect/Designer. We are 100percent satisfied.

Di Baldwin - June 2016

The true test about using someone to provide a service is "given your time again, would you use them again"?

Well, 15 years ago we used Tania to design a very large house on the bayside in Brisbane.

At the time we wanted to build a house that would be a place where our sons would want to bring their friends as they went through the latter part of primary school and then high school and Uni. We also wanted somewhere we could regularly and frequently entertain large numbers of people, and yet where you could still have some personal space. That, plus take advantage of the sea breezes on the bayside. But we hate wasted space as well.

Tania came up with a design that ticked all of the boxes. Amazingly practical, and flexible in how some of the spaces could be used during the different phases of our children's lives. Yet it still had (has) that "wow" factor when you step in.

When we recently did some inspections of other new and older places which were designed for people at a similar stage we couldn't believe just how much better Tania's "inside out" approach and then final design was than even some houses designed by well respected names.

So, 15 years on, we chose Tania to design our next home, one for the next season in life, and one that will take advantage of the views of beautiful Raby Bay.

Yet the design we have is dramatically different in size and layout from last time. Why? Because Tania listened and thought through the different season of life, our family, work, and social priorities, the unique aspects of the block we are building on and the very real constraints we gave her around overall budget.

This was a challenging block to work with, but Tania has come up with a design we are so looking forward to living in once it is built this year.

Thank you again Tania.

Andrew Zerk - August 2017

It has been a great pleasure working with Tania, her professionalism and enthusiasm has created our dream home. The specific design we asked for was a Cape Cod style house with a high pitched roof and dormer windows on a sloping block.
Not only our design wishes were fully met but at the same time Tania made sure the view of our rural block would be utilised to the maximum.

Tania's knowledge of materials is phenomenal and she has been talking tirelessly with suppliers and consultants to make sure we could optimise the design we were after. We received samples and documentation of every single selection we made, we have visited many showrooms to decide on fittings and all this has been well documented.

The complete set of drawings is highly detailed what assures us our builder will build exactly the home we designed with Tania

Isabel HMapleton October 2016

Tania the house you designed for us 14 years ago (I think it was 2002 not 2001) has been a significant contributor for us to fulfil things that matter ... connecting and being there with our sons while at the same time not suffocating them, able to entertain hordes at a moments notice, and having private spaces when needed. THANK YOU!

Now the boys are grown up, there is now the need for some significant thought time on your part to come up with an extendible design that matches the location for our new home on Sand Street.

Andrew May 2016

I couldn't be happier starting with the right decision of choosing Tania as the Architect to design my new home at Clayfield. From a detailed brief, Tania started the dialogue and quickly had concept drawings to discuss. What followed next was a seamless process of working together, making decisions based on good advice and experience from Tania. The plans have now been certified, building to commence shortly Tania met all deadlines and budget targets Impressive. I can't wait to live in my beautiful home. Whilst working with Tania what was evident was her professionalism, overall knowledge of the project, enthusiasm and warmth as a person, love of design and architecture. She was a joy to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Tania Coward.


ksticklen, Houzz Website,, August 2014

Our new house will be ready to move into in around a month. As I know nothing about building, Tania J Coward was really the best architect we could have chosen. Not only did she design a delightfully bright and environmentally sound building according to a budget, but she walked us through the process with joy and enthusiasm, and might I say - nurturing. She appreciates space in detail, and is able to convey and help her clients visualise the 3D completion.  The most amazing thing about this build was her attention to detail prior to starting the build - every architectural item was chosen and quoted.  We truly believe Tania J Coward Architect's detailed drawings and procedures were responsible for the complete lack of agony and stress we have felt during the build.  Our new home is wonderful!

The Kelly Martin Family 2014

We bought a near derelict house built in 1888 at Auchenflower and entrusted the renovation and rejuvenation to Tania J Coward Architect.  We could not have been more happy with her understanding and treatment of the project.  The finished project was a masterful re-invigoration of a classic Queenslander.  Her use of space, versatility and breezeways really transformed the house into a beautiful and comfortable family home.  Thank you Tania! 

The Deacon Family 2013

Tania helped transform our three bedroom post-war home into a spacious, airy and contemporary house that we love coming home to. Throughout the design brief Tania's attention to detail was nothing short of amazing.  Every step of the way we felt like our needs were given the upmost importance, with a genuine caring desire to meet the our expectations.

During the design brief we were most impressed by the professionalism and imagination demonstrated by Tania. She certainly has an eye for detail, and offered many suggestions along the way to help us create something very special, and not just another standard renovation.

Not only did Tania help design our new extension to the house, but she also played a central role in obtaining quotes for the renovation and recommending high quality builders to help our dream come true. Communication throughout the design brief was of the highest level, and we never once felt like Tania wasn't giving our project the highest priority.

We struggle to express in words how happy we are with the new space that Tania has helped us to create, but saying that we now have our own little "Grand Design" comes close. We are confident in recommending Tania for any renovation requirements, and am sure that she will continue to deliver quality design and attention to detail on all her projects.

The Tudman Family 2012

Tania has done a wonderful job in translating our brief for a well-zoned, workable, light and airy family home into a reality.

Tania's re-organisation of rooms has created better circulation between the sleep and play zones.

She has provided good attention to detail within the existing building envelope. The timber shutters added into some of the existing walls not only look terrific, but allow cross-ventilation and light into a once dark and gloomy area.

We are thrilled with the finished result, which will happily see our family live, work and play comfortably as the children grow into their teens and beyond.

The Yelland Family 2010

We worked with Tania Coward Architects and Terry O'Connor builders for the re-design of a lovely Queenslander that we had recently bought but had not yet lived in.

Tania is amazing she was able to bring contemporary design features and style to our circa 1910 Queenslander without it loosing its original charm and feel.

When we met Tania she said she works from the inside out and I didn't really get what that meant until Tania started her work. Tania paid a great deal of attention in finding out what we wanted and needed as a family. She stood in the centre of the house to decide is there enough kitchen cupboards, bench space; is there a study area that will work for the children; are there enough closets and bathrooms; are the living and entertaining areas suitable for now and for when the children grow.

Once the inside was decided then Tania worked outward and started on the structural architecture of re-designing and opening up rooms to get the best use of air flow and natural light while ensuring a continuous theme from the inside to the street view.

Tania pays a lot of attention to details and is great with style and colour. The final building plans include all the specifications and added notes so the builders are able to quote accurately and know exactly what to do.

Tania really listens to her clients and finds a way of meeting their needs without compromising good architecture.

The Thompson Family 2011

"Thank you for designing our wonderful house and for organising Terry O'Connor Builders to build it!"

Carolyn, Mark, Julian and Reuben of Holland Park 2009

"Tania J Coward Architect's understanding of our company structure and enthusiastic management of the design process through to the project completion is evident in the dynamic result."

 Thomas Lake, Company Secretary of Fujitsu General (Aust) Pty Ltd 2000


"In the Pavillion Restaurant and Bar Tania has captured the essence of the outdoor Queensland lifestyle. The ultimate in Al Fresco dining.


In Baden Resort Tania's planning skills and attention to detail were an essential part of this project. We have enjoyed an excellent working relationship over many years."

Lyn Krauchi, Owner of Rainbow Shores 2009

"Our house was designed for a famiy of 6 and was open plan, spacious, comfortable and captured the water views with the great layout. It was an easy house to live in and we are very grateful to Tania for creating such a wonderful design. Having a good set of Architectural documents to start with allowed us to build with confidence."

Sandy Ryan, 2005

"What we wanted was to renovate a 40 year old 3 bedroom brick veneer family home on an elevated forward sloping block, to provide for our future needs into retirement.

Tania Coward took an inspiring approach to provide rear ground level access to a new extended bedroom with ensuite and walk- in robe, galley study; rearranged kitchen and outdoor undercover entertainment area. She opened the new living areas up to include the courtyard and adjacent bushland setting aspect; introduced clever openings in internal walls to allow improved air flow; and as much openings as possible to let in natural light and natural aspect.

A truly fresh and inspiring rework and a pleasure to live in! .. "

Colleen and Henry Hawes, 2009

"Boulevard Towers Body Corporate decided to completely renovate the aging common area amenities of the 61 unit 16 floor holiday apartment building on the Broadbeach beach frontage.

Tania Coward took a modern and stylish approach to the whole space and provided innovative design and attention to detail.

An inviting new BBQ pavilion with modern facilities, revised outdoor pool and surrounds and a magnificent new spa that cleverly integrates with the garden setting has been extremely well received by the unit owners and tenants alike. The project will be completed over the next 18 months and Tania J Coward Architect has provided a service that has given our podium level the much needed and stylish upgrade. "

Henry Hawes, Chairman for the Boulevard Towers Body Corporate, 2006



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